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Default Re: Pentagon Plans Forced Population Reduction in USA

The plan is to fill the higher astral plane with lots of angry souls.

The Matrix is powered by the thoughts of the dead, not the living. The more dead people you have floating in a fake heaven wishing to go back to earth and see their loved ones the more powerful the matrix becomes. This is the sole most important field of experiment THEY are interested in. World war one and two were vast experiments in death and loss and grief. ALL death is the same. Even a small death. They kill a child and monitor its journey into the fake afterlife and they record the amount of matrix energy produced by that child yearning to come back and find its mother. That's why their symbology is all about child and mother and sacrifice. Hence Jesus.

The aim is to fill the heavens with the dead when the 2012 shift comes. This will balance out the effects. Those souls will not be allowed to have bodies to incarnate into. Diseases that bring about infertility are all set to come in around 2050. But after that...THEY have nothing. The souls will find a way out of their fake heaven eventually. They always do if left to wander long enough. The matrix will weaken around 2150. THEY hope to have come up with something else by then. Some of the bodies they've been making from scratch can suck in vaster amounts of consciousness than ours and keep them at a mental level that isn't too questioning about reality but intelligent enough to YEARN for this world. But they are unstable, as all idiots can be. You need intelligent dead souls yearning to come back here to create the matrix and keep it going. Intelligent ENOUGH, anyway. HAHHHAHA!

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