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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

Originally Posted by albie View Post
You assume they had capitalist ideology? An advanced race?
They must have had some sort of economy. I'm usingt he capitalist system as an example since here it is most obvious and it is the system most of us are familiar with.

Originally Posted by albie View Post
You can already see in our society that efficiency will one day make all jobs obsolete.
Wrong. Non-technical jobs are simply replaced by technical jobs. For example, my job consists of improving, fixing and modifying the Business Intelligence system connected with a database of 6 TB that grows about 1 TB (1 TB = 1024 GB = 1048576 MB) annually. Many jobs at the company I work for simply didn't exist a few decades ago and many more will probably be created in the decades to come. I also like to point out that about half of the people here are external consultants because of the complexity of the IT landscape and business logic (which makes it hard to find capable employees).

Also, technology doesn't always increase the efficiency of work processes. Technology often just improves the reporting abilities while making procedures far more complex and thus less efficient. For example, some warehouses use scanners to keep track of which boxes are moved by which laborer at what time. Although this will make it easier to figure out who does more work than others, the added scanning complicates the procedure, adds a little bit of time spent and is more prone to error (both human and technical error).

The capitalist need for cost-efficiency as well as governmental needs to implement regulations before a certain deadline further lead to inefficient of bugged implementations which often leads to too complex IT landscapes, unstable (bugged) software, etc. In the long run, this creates far more overhead than it would have taken if deadlines were postponed and less effort was placed on cost-efficiency.

Originally Posted by albie View Post
Once free energy comes into play there is no consumerism.
-- Consumerism is a way the oligarchs keep the masses chained. Why would they abandon it?

-- Why would free energy abolish consumerism?

-- Why would our oligarchs allow free energy? In fact, if the wanted we probably already had free energy (Tesla already initiated research in this area many decades ago).

Originally Posted by albie View Post
They went out at their peak, so where are those atlantian shell suits and plastic shopping bags?
A culture more advanced than ours would likely have moved beyond such materials and used biodegradable material instead as I mentioned before.
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