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Because you have forfitted your power to the State GR.

It's happening everywhere.

I would have knelt down grabbed her firmly by both shoulders and shook her while yelling into her face at the top of my lungs "HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...with an extreme look of anger on my with psychotic people.

Of course after I had calmed the child and sung songs and found out her step father was abusing her and her older sister I would have been handcuffed by police for child abuse...

Then sued civilly for the pain and suffering of the child and then lost my house, car and my plasma t.v.

Possibly even charged under the new anti-terrorism laws as I have diverted law enforcement from possibly more importent duties.

Oh yes...the perfect plan...disempower and scare people into complete submission where they'll observe a rape coz they dont want to get involved. Then cut down on the police when you should be increasing them. Then offer 24/7 surviellence police state for the soloution.
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