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Hello All I'm new

With all the private military contracting like BLACKWATER,along with the other private contractors.And since there are few jobs left in this country we are forced to go where the money is! My oldest is going crazy because he can't get work. He's a union worker and they are too much $$,All the work is going non union.So he is SOL!!
So out of desperation he is looking to go to look at going.Right now were gathering information to get him on with one of the construction he's going to iraq to weld pipe while the bullets and bombs.THAT'S WHERE THE WORK IS!!!
That Government is the only one with any money and it's going to supporting the troops.And right now they are doing EVERYTHING over there!!!
The banks have stopped the money flow,everyday companies are downsizingEVERYONE IS FEELING IT!
This info is now hitting the news A LITTLE trickle of information leaks out about what's really going on over there.

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