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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

>>They must have had some sort of economy.

We are arguing about something imaginary. There is no reason to believe they did or did not have an economy. You can't say "they MUST have".

>>Wrong. Non-technical jobs are simply replaced by technical jobs. For example, my job

Wrong? Wrong about an IMAGINARY place and society. How can I be wrong about it? I'm extrapolating the idea of a perfect society. Anyone knows a technical job can be just as obsolete as a non technical. Computers and robots will one day all the jobs. Even fixing each other. That's a logical stream. Even creativity will one day be a matter of pushing a button.

>>Also, technology doesn't always increase the efficiency of work processes.

You seem to think a perfect society ends with what you've experienced. You haven't experienced advanced technology. So why are you commenting on it as if you have?

>>-- Consumerism is a way the oligarchs keep the masses chained. Why would they abandon it?

-- Why would free energy abolish consumerism?

-- Why would our oligarchs allow free energy? In fact, if the wanted we probably already had free energy (Tesla already initiated research in this area many decades ago).

WHY are you assuming there WERE oligarchs in Atlantis? This seems to be guess work beyond the pale.

Unless you were there, were you?
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