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Default Re: Lyndon LaRouche: Fascist Demagogue

Like so many stooges, i cannot believe a man as intelligent as LaRouche can mess it up as much as he does.

I believe he is deeply fascist.

His techniques of focussing on the young and forming these 'cadres' has a hint of Hitler Youth about it. Also their public technique is very 1930's.

He mixes great idea's with seemingly stupid ones. I've never understood his love of the gold standard when he must know HUMUNGOUS options have been put on gold by the big brokerage houses as far back as the mid 90's when all was well.

Now they're cashing in.

His wife is European is she not?

The only highly organised Political party i will believe is NOT a stooge NWO front will be a party espousing the complete decentralisation of power.

Perhaps one espousing real Libertarian values.

In the end it is pointless to focuss on economics. Economics can sort themselves out. We've been trading with each other for thousands of years without the need of an economist.

I agree with Ron Paul when he states that all we need is a government espousing the values of liberty and freedom...the rest will sort itself out.
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