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Default Re: Regarding Truebeliever's "Soviet Atrocities" Thread: Satanic Communism

People have a feeling that Communism is evil but it is ALWAYS surpassed in peoples eyes by Hitler and fascism. I think it's the cold blooded organisation that gets them going...though thats up for debate.

I dont want to paint Hitler in too nice a light but I believe he was far surpassed in brutality by Stalin...far.

An awful lot of the dead after 1943 were because of the intense focuss of bomber command on the vital basic infrastructure of Germany...they could barely afford to feed their own army and people let alone the millions of workers and concentration camp inmates. Hence the wasted emaciated bodies of the camps.

This was not deliberate. Does anyone think the efficient Germans would starve to death their workers? What sense does that make?

Germans supported Hitler because just to the East of them was a gigantic monster that threatened to devour Europe. In Marx's Communist Manifesto...he lays it out - world domination is the means and the end...Communism will not stop until it is world wide. It's simple and to the point.

Stalin had 30,000...thats 30,000 armoured vehicles on or near the border. What were they for? Touring?

Stalin was cocky...he had the support of powerful Western forces and he knew it. By 1937 with the huge build up of Germany he knew he may have been double crossed or at least his bluff called. Then came the great purges of his Officer class.

Germans in general simply could not understand why the West was not supporting them in a crusade to rid the world of what was undoubtable a COMPLETELY evil system...Stalin murdered his Generals hand over fist when they failed him in battle...Hitler sacked them.

I'm starting to believe the 'holocaust' and so many of the other stories regarding Germanies behaviour in the war have been grossly exaggerated to cover for the obvious...the Wests support for one of their most evil creations to date. They needed a good reason to be supporting a monster like Stalin.

You can only do that when you are supposedly fighting a worse one.
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