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Talking Re: 1918 Spanish Flu a Biological Warfare Agent?

Fahrenheit 912 wrote:

The information you refer to was obtained from the US Archives under the Freedom of Information Act. The country involved in proliferating Spanish Influenza for military purposes appears to be the US, although we are relying on Mueller's testimony only. But then, why would such a scholarly man deliberately lie in memoirs of such importance and that were meant to be kept secret for a long time, at least until his death?

WE are not relying on Muller's testimony about the Spanish Flu and who manufactured it.

You are.

Please read my lips.

Muller was a teenager when the Spanish Flu appeared. So, he either worked in the laboratory in the US that created it when he was a teenager or someone informed him of such and he included this in his SECRET memoirs that were CONVENIENTLY released from the US archives under the Freedom or Information Act to propagate this belief or his memoirs are BS.

Please provide the name of the person who requested the information about Mueller from the US archives under the FOIA.

FYI, no one knows exactly when Muller died.

His whereabouts and death have been kept a secret for OBVIOUS reasons.

If this scholarly man's memoirs, as you refer to him, who was a GESTAPO, were of such IMPORTANCE and meant to be kept secret, why weren't they?

Fahrenheit 912 wrote:

I have always been suspicious of the origins of Spanish Influenza, as the timeline of this catastrophic disease paralleled the ending of the First World War. You can automatically assume the US government and particularly the military will never come clean on this one....

Thanks for informing me that the US military and the US government will never come clean on this one.

As if anyone expects the US Military or government to come clean regarding any criminal activity in which they are involved.

That would be akin to a KILLER admitting that he is a KILLER.

Again, if you were "in the know," you would NEVER expect that the US Military or government wold admit to any wrongdoing.

Thanks for proving my assessment as far as you are concerned.

Fahrenheit 912 wrote:

Also, your use of trite, cliche' little expressions like "in the know" are the marks of a true half-wit. Enroll in a course in English composition at your local college. You'll be better off for it...

The use of my expressions such as "in the know" ILLUMINATE that I am an INTELLECTUAL as does my English composition.

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