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Default Re: 1918 Spanish Flu a Biological Warfare Agent?

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
Nah. See some of us have jobs. Some of us are salaried. In addition, some of us are dedicated. Besides, if I get it done tonight then I can send off the gerber files and be done with it so that I will have plenty of time to take my girlfriends daughter trick or treating tomorrow. So see...we are not all bad.

Oh and I am not a mason lol.

Some of us have jobs.

Some of us are salaried.

Some of us are umeployed, starving and homeless.

Some of us, like myself, are owners of a business and dedicated to our COUNTRY, and we THANK GOD every day for our blessings.

Care to explain what you mean when you say "we're not all bad."

Very weird statement, to say the least.

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