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Default Re: Lyndon LaRouche: Fascist Demagogue

BvL wrote:
I think LaRouche is highly useful, I don't know any other source of research that probes further than his team of academics do. If you really want to know who runs what and you want a though historical account then LaRouche is the man to see. The things you would be amazed by may include his study of the green movement and how it came about, ever wondered who financed Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, who runs the World Wildlife Fund. Its a goldmine of useful information and you want to know all the Queen of England’s financial investments, its all been researched and no one I have seen has managed to counter these claims.
Yup. Alex Jones has done excellent exposés showing

how ALL these environment groups are really a

land and/or resource grab by the NWO and they

get people to send money in for their goals.
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