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Yes TB! Forfeited power to the state---and why is that??

Sometimes I feel so angry with certain people for bringing about this power of the police.

But anyway... teachers today can't make you stand in the corner anymore---NO NO NO.
They can't do anything that will intimidate the child!!! Oh poor poopoo!! Or give an extra assignment?? Well, the parents will say that the teacher is blocking the child from doing homework---because the school doesn't want to see a 'this and that' child get ahead.

Oh such crap all the time. I'm so sick of it.
This is just one area of Florida or USA that has these stupid stupid stupid mentalities and the ever so popular 'I wanna blame somebody for my child being this way'!!!. Crap, crap, crap!!

This child can be not only disruptive, but, physical and destructive. And the parent doesn't want to hear it, believe it, or take reponsibility. Some (without mentioning it openly) have the excuse that they don't want to raise a 'sissy-child'. Crap!!!

The mother (no mention of father) is 'looking' for an attorney. Hope she gets a good 'kick in the shin' herself.

And get this: in our local paper, they are trying to get lay people to come in to be 'trained' for teaching. Say, what????

No wonder they want everyone to learn the computer early in life. Televised schooling. Very few people are interested in the teaching career.

Because people have become so lazy when it comes to social conduct with inappropriate behavior, so openly offensive, physical, and even murderous that I, at times, feel like I'm on the wrong planet or something. And no, it's NOT being old fashioned or 'goody-two-shoes'--it's called being civil and above an animal.

I mean some people are crap. Can you tell I'm having a bad day.

See ya.
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