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Default Re: Obama is brainwashing America

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Do the CONTROLLERS/ELITISTS brush their teeth with and drink water that doesn't contain fluoride?

I do, so I'm sure they do too. I have a well and purify my own water. Oh, and recently, I was told that I had to remove my well and pay $20,000 by the city of Cape Coral, forcing me to use city water despite it being voted down 3 times at city counsel. Every time they lost the vote, they had a new one next week about the same issue until it got passed.

Wonder why? If I bypass the city water and pay to reinstall a well on PROPERTY THAT I OWN, they will dig it up and pull it out and then give me a bill for the work that was done, plus a fine for trying to place myself outside the system.
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