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Reading the Sunday paper yesterday, I come across an article on the up and coming Miss American Contest being televised as one of those 'reality t.v. formats'.

Everything is 'reality t.v.'!!!

Even our lives. But we are too busy watching and enjoying these shows to notice.

No matter what they put in our face, we want it!!

We'll complain about it later, but, for the moment (or longer) we want it!!

Actually, for those of us who come into this CC--we are very aware of THEIR agenda: distraction.

I feel THEY are telling/showing us 'ourselves'.
"Hey, you people! Look at yourselves"! "We are making money off you lazy, non-caring, greedy, glutoness people"!

I've stopped watching these types of programs a while ago. Didn't really care for them when they came on the scene. I guess when your own privacy has been invaded or identity stolen, you just don't find these shows amusing.

Yes, they are telling me (by these programs) that my life will be on 24-hour surveillance.

No matter what I hear, see/watch, or learn of in general--- it is now the 'doings' of THEM. THEY are creating!!

If all this was truly to protect me, my family, assets, then maybe one would be able to confront the 'movers and shakers' in a civilized manner with questions, ideas, or a firm NO!

But they do not want to hear from us. They just want to show us--through EVERYTHING--that they are in control.

And yet it sounds so simple. All we have to do is unite and say no. There's so many of us.

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