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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
Wrong. It is the whims of the masses that are directed by PR and advertising.

Most people would be happy to pay twice as much for an item that lasts 5 times longer. In fact, some products (like cleaning products) are marketed precisely with a slogan containing this context.

It is not the public that asks for poor quality products. It is poor quality products that are enforced on the masses because there is no better quality alternative.

Making computers that never break and buildings that never fall down and clothes that never fall apart would be contrary to the workings of the capitalist system.

con·trar·y adj.1. Opposed, as in character or purpose: contrary opinions; acts that are contrary to our code of ethics.
2. Opposite in direction or position: Our boat took a course contrary to theirs. See Synonyms at opposite.
3. Music Moving in the opposite direction at a fixed interval: playing scales in contrary motion.
4. Adverse; unfavorable: a contrary wind.
5. Given to recalcitrant behavior; willful or perverse.

n. pl. con·trar·ies 1. Something that is opposite or contrary.
2. Either of two opposing or contrary things: "Truth is perhaps . . . a dynamic compound of opposites, savage contraries for a moment conjoined" (A. Bartlett Giamatti).
3. Logic A proposition related to another in such a way that if the latter is true, the former must be false, but if the latter is false, the former is not necessarily true.

adv. In an opposite direction or manner; counter: The judge ruled contrary to all precedent in the case.

Idioms: by contraries Obsolete In opposition to what is expected.

on the contrary In opposition to what has been stated or what is expected: I'm not sick; on the contrary, I'm in the peak of health.

to the contrary To the opposite effect from what has been stated or what is expected: Despite what you say to the contary, this contract is fair.
You my friend are a nitwit. Yes I know what the word contrary means, lol. And no, there is no arbitrary function of capitalism that prevents the construction of unbreakable computers or buildings, if that is what the people actually demanded. However, the laws of physics do set some boundaries, and life is all about trade offs. In fact, they do make portable laptop computers that are extremely rugged and damn near indestructible. However, they cost about five times as much as the conventional equipment, and people truly arent willing to pay $9000 for a laptop. Especially if it has Vista installed on it.

You have a pretty low view of people. I guess you think that all people are just mindless little lemmings willing to do whatever the Mad Men say. In fact, most people make decisions and vote with their feet, as the saying goes. So long as there is choice and competition in the market, that is. If we were to adapt a Soviet style economy, there would be no choice, no competition, and definately no innovation. But the Nomenklatura would still have ipods, so I guess you are hoping to be one of them. Good luck, and when you get a chance try reading some Adam Smith and Milton Friedman to balance out your reading list.
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