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Default Re: 1918 Spanish Flu a Biological Warfare Agent?

Originally Posted by Fahrenheit 912 View Post

Mrs. Angel

I am deeply sorry to have ruffled your feathers ... this is ordinarily not my way.... You're a big girl. You can take it. It comes with the turf...

Wheeeew!!! I'm done...
You didn't ruffle my feathers and, even, if you did, no need to apologize.

I can take it.

I'm a big girl and it comes with the turf.

Excuse me for parting abruptly, but I must go click my heels together and recite three times that "There's no place like Home," so I can get back to Auntie Em.

I think you may have been relaxing on the couch too long with more than just a couple of beers.

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