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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

Originally Posted by albie View Post
'Anachronistic' is stretching it. Hardly lasers is it? stacking one block of stone on top of another. Not exactly exosuits.
When I spoke of "anarchronistic", I was referring to knowledge of how to carve into diorite, knowledge of how to cut huge stone blocks and place them perfectly on top of one another, knowledge of how to make alluminum, advanced knowlegde of astronomy, knowledge of quantum physics, the ability to travel all over the world, etc. You conveniently left out those references...

Originally Posted by albie View Post
Didn't they even have plastic then? We have plastic and we are quite low in the arts of science. A big block of solid plastic would have lasted millions of years. Carrier bags last long enough. I suppose they just had no use for plastic and preffered something that would CONVENIENTLY degrade away just in time for us to come along. Phew!
Maybe they did discover plastic as well as a way to convert it to other materials. Maybe they never discovered plastic and used different materials. We can only speculate about this....

Originally Posted by albie View Post
It's TOO convenient to be believable. As a past MENSA member you should grasp that.
I know there is only little evidence to support an Atlantean civilisation, but the evidence is not non-existant either. Without a highly advanced civilisation in the deep past, how do you explain the parallels between Eastern philosophy and advanced physics (see Fritjof Capra's "The Tao of Physics")? How do you explain advanced knowledge of astronomy by seemingly primitive cultures? How do you explain the presence of statues with negroid features in pre-Columbian South-America and the presence of coca traces in Egyptian mummies? How do you explain the detailed nature of the Piri Reis map? etc.
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