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Default Re: Reptile face in the 5 pound note!!!!!

Then you say that you saw a reptile change because of positive energy, implying that it is an effort to keep a human face. Yet you see accounts elsewhere that say that it is a struggle for the reptiles to come through and appear. That they need rituals producing NEGATIVE energy for this to happen. It can't be both.

Even Icke is now saying they don't actually shape shift and that people just see the ghost of a reptile that is possessing the host.

You see so many different stories. I think you're all lying. I've known liars personally and you smell of it. You assume too much and you do it in a way that sounds too sure of yourself, even though you already said you weren't sure. A thing a liar will often do is protest they are not liars even though nobody has accused them of it. I think you are making stuff up and smirking about it right now.

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