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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

>>When I spoke of "anarchronistic", I was referring to knowledge of how to carve into diorite, knowledge of how to cut huge stone blocks and place them perfectly on top of one another, knowledge of how to make alluminum, advanced knowlegde of astronomy, knowledge of quantum physics, the ability to travel all over the world, etc. You conveniently left out those references...

Oh, so they found ancient aluminum did they? Yeah, and I suppose you have reliable evidence of that.

Advanced knowledge of astronomy and quantum physics? Where are you getting this from? I hope you are not talking about the Dogon because I've seen that debunked.

knowledge of how to cut huge stone blocks and place them perfectly on top of one another? OOH, I'm scared!!!! Big deal.

>>I was referring to knowledge of how to carve into diorite

"The carving procedure

Tip of the unfinished obelisk with rounded marks that show clearly the use of Diorite balls as carving tools
Symmetrical marks at the quarry of the unfinished obelisk showing the perforation to be filled with wood in order to detach the stone pieces from the bedThe carving was done on granite directly on the surface of the stone at the ground, by cutting four sides. It is now known that the tools employed for carving the granite were small balls of Diorite that is a mineral harder than granite. Once the sides were cut off, the process of separating the stone piece from the ground was a bit more complicated but very trivial. A series of perforations were made, again using Diorite-made tools. Obelisks made out of softer rock other than granite (i.e. sandstone) were carved with wooden spikes. These perforations were then filled with wood and these wood pieces were water saturated. The small pieces of wood expanded with the humidity breaking the separations between successive perforations and then effectively separating the carved piece from its bed. Many residues left at the rock beds and measuring nearly the size of many of the famous obelisks (for example the Cleopatra's Needles) are now known to exist at the Unfinished Obelisk open air museum."

Obelisk building technology in ancient Egypt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is not, literally, rocket science; which I WOULD count as anachronistic proof.

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