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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
I know there is only little evidence to support an Atlantean civilisation, but the evidence is not non-existant either. Without a highly advanced civilisation in the deep past, how do you explain the parallels between Eastern philosophy and advanced physics (see Fritjof Capra's "The Tao of Physics")? How do you explain advanced knowledge of astronomy by seemingly primitive cultures? How do you explain the presence of statues with negroid features in pre-Columbian South-America and the presence of coca traces in Egyptian mummies? How do you explain the detailed nature of the Piri Reis map? etc.
>>Fritjof Capra's "The Tao of Physics

"Many Eastern sages have said many things in elliptical and obscure language, even in the original, which suffer further in translation. Anyone as imaginative and dedicated as Fritjof Capra or even someone limited, such as myself can go through the vast amounts of Eastern sage revelations and come up with parallels that can match and interpret it to suit any scientific conclusion. "

Here we have a comparison pointed out, showing how weak the comparison actually is...

"All right. No arguments, every scientist uses both reason and intuition in attacking problems - but in the end two are not equal. If intuition overwhelmingly suggests as conclusion, it still must be supported by reason, or else it is only a mere soap bubble speculation. If on the other hand, the conclusion of reason goes against intuition, then reason must nevertheless be supported and intuition dismissed. Capra seems to imply that they are equal, and he points out that modern physics, in probing into the most fundamental aspects of matter and energy, has come up with a picture in which the universe seems to be a "continuous dancing and vibrating motion whose rythmic patterns are determined by the molecular, atomic and nuclear structures."
He then quotes a Taoist Text to the following effect: "The stillness is not the realness. Only when there is stillness in movement can the spiritual rythm appear which pervades heaven and earth". This, says Capra is "exactly the message we get from modern physics". But what does the Taoist text mean? I can see that "stillness in movement" represents a dynamic equilibrium and that it is the latter that is important in the universe - but that is my interpretation based on my knowledge of science. What did it mean to the fellow who first said it? And what other interpretations can be made of it by people who do not possess the particular frame of ideas which exist in my mind. "

If all his comparisons are that weak then I would laugh my balls off.

Indian Skeptic Vol 1 No 8/3

>>Piri Reis map

It isn't even that accurate. The experts can't even agree about what land mass it shows. That's how unaccurate it is. I think you underestimate the abilities of ancient man.

The Map Room: The Piri Reis Map of 1513

"So, inasmuch as there are pages about the map’s place in Hapgood’s theory, there are also plenty of web sites dedicated to disproving Hapgood’s theory — not on the basis of its own absurdity, but on Hapgood’s own terms. If claims are made to the map’s accuracy and representation, it’s surprisingly easy to refute them. Both Steven Dutch and Diego Cuoghi do just this, pointing out that

•the map is tremendously inaccurate around the Caribbean, reflecting Columbus’s own errors;
•the map does not fit an azimuthal equidistant projection; and, most importantly,
•the curve in South America’s coast does not match Antarctica nearly as well (for one thing, it misses lots of coastline, as well as Cape Horn) as it does Patagonia, if the map is suddenly turned at that point."

See also...

The Piri Reis Map



>> How do you explain the presence of statues with negroid features in pre-Columbian South-America and the presence of coca traces in Egyptian mummies?

Boats. Obviously people travelled around much more than is recorded. Not evidence for anything.

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