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Default The NWO's Trilateral Commision

Secret “Trilateral Commission” Meetings – :-o :-o :-o

Secret “Trilateral Commission” Meetings – Deciding our future & that of the World.

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The All Seeing Eye

Media Blackout On Trilaterals – by James P. Tucker Jr.

From: “” at

Meeting Highlights

David Rockefeller & Henry Kissinger (Leaders of both groups)

Trilateral Commission (TC) <----------> Bilderberg
300 Trilaterals

Peter Sutherland – TC’s European Chairman (also Bilderberg leader)
Tom Foley – TC’s North American Chairman
Paul Wolfowitz – Deputy Secretary of Defense and President Elect of the World Bank

( Cheney & Rumsfeld – Top Secret participants )

TC & Bilderberg’s Common Agenda
<LI>United Nations (UN) World Citizen’s Tax </LI>
<LI>Trilateral Union ??? </LI>
<LI>Prospective "Asian-Pacific Union" </LI>
<LI>Evolving "American Union" – NAFTA </LI>
<LI>The "European Union" – The coming France’s referendum – if only 1 nation rejects the "European Union Constitution", the constitution dies. </LI></UL>
<LI>America’s (strong force) "Nationalism" vs. surrendering "Sovereignty" to the UN will be difficult. </LI>
<LI>Other "Private" (Secret) Policies – Such as sanctioning Iran. </LI>
<LI>Soon to face US & Europe’s profound economic challenges from China, India and other rising economies. </LI>
<LI>Coming G8 "Summit" at Gleneagles, Scotland. </LI>
<LI>Continuing skirmish between Japan and China & their "stubbornness".</LI></UL>

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