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Default Re: Reptile face in the 5 pound note!!!!!

>>I've never said it was a struggle for a reptilian to change in to their true form.

Other people have. Everyone seems to have a different story about them. They live in swamps, they are people who transform into reptiles, they are reptiles that change into humans. They need rituals to change, they can change around someone being happy. They are aliens, they are from another dimension, they live underground, they are mutants, they are old inhabitants of this planet, they are dinosaurs. They need to drink blood to stay human, they need to drink blood to change into a reptile etc etc etc etc etc etc.

It's bullshit. You saw V when you were a kid, you heard about Icke, you made stuff up and pretend it all happened before you heard about Icke.

Admit it.
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