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Default Re: Jewish Involvement In Black Slave Trade To The Americas

Originally Posted by The Old Medic View Post
The thrust of your entire article was to make it appear that Jews were the mover and shakers behind the slave trade.
Obviously there wouldn't have been any slave trade without the demand from gentile plantation owners and the supply from Arab or negro sellers, but that doesn't change the fact that Jews have historically been the main proponents of human trafficking. Your denial doesn't make this any less true.

Originally Posted by The Old Medic View Post
That simply is not true, and you know it. It's just another of your anti-Jewish diatribes.

Too bad you are so filled with hate.
Ever since 1945, "hate" has become such a loaded Orwellian term it's pretty much irrelevant. Oposing Jewish culture doesn't mean you hate all Jews. Oposing multi-culturalism doesn't mean you hate all people of other races. Maybe you hate everyone you don't agree with you or who doesn't belong to your people, but most people don't (including those commonly accused of "antisemitism" or "racism").

If accepting reality makes me an antisemite in your eyes, then so be it. I don't hate Jews. I treat a Jew no worse than a gentile. I just opose the influence of Jewish culture on gentile society, much like Jews oposed the influence Hitler had on Jewish society.... and it cannot be denied that Jewish influence on gentile society (especially in the West) has become dominant. A good indication of Jewish influence is the amount of money and time spent on "Holocaust education" and the pro-Israel bias ofthe media.
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