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Default Re: The NWO is "not real"

Originally Posted by CultOfPersonality View Post
The NWO is about power

To be clear, the New World Order is real, just not in tinfoil sinister sense that many make it out to be. It is simply a reference to a desire for international geopolitical dominance. The New World Order is about being the international top dog, a rational desire of any nation.
The NWO is nothing but a group of loosely associated people cooperating on a single agenda of global dominance for the select few. As such, you are only partly right.

Originally Posted by CultOfPersonality View Post
The NWO is not about a one-world government
It is naive to think that these issues don't merit some form of international cooperation to manage.
Global cooperation is a good thing. The centralisation of global power into a single power structure is a very bad thing! The NWO is an attempt to achieve the latter.

Originally Posted by CultOfPersonality View Post
Elites != NWO
Lastly, any society in which you have the convergence of a free-market system with a representative democracy will inevitably produce a class of 'elites'. These elites will use their resources in both the private and political arenas to further their own agenda. They will work the political game to their advantage by funneling money towards certain obedient or friendly candidates. One must recognize that there are a minority of influential people pulling the strings, but its numbers are in the hundreds of thousands and they are not affiliated in any way but by the desire to make money.
Most people involved are only driven by the desire to make money, but that doesn't change the fact that there's a tiny group of people of planners at the very top who uses these greedy bastards to achieve their agenda. Ignorance of the nature of a conspiracy by most of those involved doesn't negate the conspiracy. In fact, a vast conspiracy can ONLY work when most involved are kept in the dark on most of the details.

It is true that in the past there were different elites struggling against one another for dominance, but as centuries progressed we see an increasing centralisation of power into fewer and fewer groups.
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