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Default Re: 1918 Spanish Flu a Biological Warfare Agent?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Oh, you were exaggerating.


I thought you truly wrote your way through two children and a divorce and it wasn't just hyperbole.

My comment to you is what is commonly known in English composition as sarcasm.

You'll have to look it up.

I wonder why you would suggest that I log off my computer.

Is that because you are unable to contend with me?

You're a big boy.

You can take it.

It comes with the turf.

If you can't deal with me, just click your heels three times and repeat, "there's no place like home," and, soon, you'll be back in Kansas with TOTO and Auntie Em.

Lord man, you "shore is one scrappy li'l thang,"

Sorry, no exponential function on this site.

P.S. Hope you don't feel like you're laying around dying as you're laying around reading, "As I Lay Dying."

Honey, get help before its too late....

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