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Default Re: Iran plans to knock out U.S. with electro-magnetic pulse weapon

"American society has grown so dependent on computer and other electrical systems that we have created our own Achilles' heel of vulnerability, ironically much greater than those of other, less developed nations," the senator wrote. "When deprived of power, we are in many ways helpless, as the New York City blackout made clear. In that case, power was restored quickly because adjacent areas could provide help. But a large-scale burnout caused by a broad EMP attack would create a much more difficult situation. Not only would there be nobody nearby to help, it could take years to replace destroyed equipment."

1. note how helpless the more powerful country in the world is without Tesla's technology

2.the E bomb is ALSO from Tesla

and the monopoly press tells you that Einstein

is the genius ???

ps would Iran be so stupid as to threaten the US ?
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