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Default Re: Iran plans to knock out U.S. with electro-magnetic pulse weapon

Wow! Found this article to on a similar subject...
CIA Frantic - Arabs Plan To Nuke U.S With New Super SUPER Secret Weapon

Unnamed sources inside the Penatagon and CIA are desperately trying to alert Congress to a new threat emerging in the Middle East.

A new 'hybrid' Camel turd has been developed by Iran which threatens the entire Eastern seaboard.

Tipped with a Depleted Uranium 'edge', these turds are capable of penetrating 7 ft of solid U.S Corporate Media 'Twaddle' armour.

Previously impenetrable to even the sharpest intellect, the new Arab 'Twaddle Penetrator' has been seen by CIA spy's shattering corporate media twaddle at a 100 paces.

In a secret closed door meeting, Congress has been warned that if the Corporate Media does'nt generate more 'Twaddle' per unit bullshit hour, the Arabs may destroy the U.S's ability to peddle 'Twaddle' as serious fact.

Unnamed sources, however, has assured the author that a new 'Super Dupa Secret Twaddle Generator' has been ordered at taxpayer expense to thwart the Arab advantage.
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