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Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
During the last century, the oligarchs have promoted Catholicism, Protestanism, Wicca and liberal atheism among the gentile masses (depending on era and target audience) but I can't see any attempt to push Buddhism or any solar religion. Also, I don't see WHY they would push a solar religion onto the masses in this day and age.

You do seem to have done a considerable amount of research and I certainly wouldn't call you an idiot, however I do disagree with your findings.
Ok if you are interested I'd be happy to mention some of my ideas but can't fully explain becasue that whould take lots of time hope you understnad this.

You say the illuminati promoted chatholicism, protestantism, wicca and other things to the masses. Well I don't actually think this is quite the case. In my opinion they promoted : Atonism, Judaism, Sol invictus, Mithraism, Islam, Templarism, Renaicance, Protestantism, Rosicrucianism, Enlightment atheism.
I don't believe it was ever the intention of promoting chatholiscism to the world.

If you look at the religious schools I mentioned you noticed that most of them have something to with egypt, are oriented on sunworship, stricly monotheistic and are against idols (or even innocent pictures of animals etc). This is controdictionary in chatolocism because it basicaly allows idolworshipping (supports it even), doesn't find it neccary to get people circumciced (hyksos, hebrews and muslims do get circumsiced) etc etc. These are some indications on the superficial level that seem to indicate a different origin of preconstantine christianity. Constantine christianity seems to have lots of elements of mithraism in it so thats basicaly 'the infiltration' lots of christian are speaking about.

Also what you must understand is that I don't know one religion in the world that isn't monotheistic. Even hindusm or pre hyskos/achenaton religion is monothestic. The omiponent invisible namelss god is just represented in various human forms like a mystsic system if you will to understand the various elements of something you can call god. For example: If god exists then why do we suffer. Why do we need to be tested if god = time he know wheter we fail or not its just a pointless charade etc. These are just superficial questions. These and much deeper questions are answered in the rites of the polothestic religions. Or at least aswered in the way they believe it to be I can't tell of course if its fact or not. So destroying all these deities and getting everybody to nature worship is completly abstract. If you picture god as a human being you can understand how he is like and you can live up to his image. What would a perfect human being be like: Controlling his or her emotions, composure, humble, mastering the langueange etc. But if god is water, threes or let's say the sun that gets very abstract and hard to comprehend. Does the sun want you to be kind or fierce? Does the sun want this goverment structure or that? Well the one who can tell you is the pharaoh himselve achenaton as he has a direct link with god (similar to the pope today kind of - notice influence of mithraism) so it is essentially nothing more than a complete political powergrab.

On the one hand atheism is perfect because everything is explained simple no gods but it does leave a gap cause if there is no higher god or deity than how can the NWO proclaim themselves master so that we would exept their superiority? This question that can be answered in two ways: aliens and a atheistic religion. I;m not going to touch the alien aspect but when it comes to atheistic religion you have been indoctrinated with that all the time: Star Wars, Dragonball Z. Both are religious as they believe in superhuman things but instead of believing in god they believe in someting completly abstract as THE FORCE. Messias are then the force tryin to balance itselve (see the matrix reloaded scene with the architect). We have been slowly seeing the parts of the NWO religion unfolding in films (star wars, matrix) and in media (budhism). Cause bhudism doens't believe in a god it basicaly believe in nothing. Beyong everything there is nothingness. Its perfect. Also note the Nazi-Tibetian-Blavaski connection! When George Bush goes out and openly supports the tibetian budhist cause you can see how lots of conspiracy peeps become suspicious. Plus its pushed on us by bringing it in the news. Budism is the best alternative to dogmatic christian west and lots of peeps dig it. Just check the budish industry in west is HUGE. quite amazing you would say. So atheism and budism kind of like can go hand in hand if you think about it.

Notice this isn't an essay its just some aspects of my ideas trown together for you to better understand from what perspective I look at the world and its events (doesn't mean I'm correct though).
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