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It's interesting to note that just after the start of the Great Depression, lots and lots of events were organised in the U.S pitting people against each other for money. Get out the great movie..."They Shoot Horses Dont They".

We are now smothered in eat's u or me matey...kill or be killed.

We also have the phenomena of voting via SMS for your fave...'whatever'.

This is 2 fold.

To give the average pleb the feeling they are weilding some power. A little like a Roman Colusseum with the thumbs up or thumbs down...who lives, who dies.

To train the younger generations to accept a new form of voting designed to make them feel they are part of the political process....and guess what...i cant remember what this damn form of voting is called!!!! Not plebesite...oh i cant believe it! A complete mental blank! involves quick questions and a quick yes or no. No lengthy debate on the pro's and cons. Just a quick yes or no from your phone or whatever device they decide to use.

Thats why you see constantly being pushed how ineffecient the congress or parliament is.

Democracy has NOTHING to do with efficiency but everything to do with preventing the accumulation of to much power into to few hands.

But this is thew way they'll push it. Straight into Benevolent Dictatorship with the peasants allowed to vote thumbs up thumbs down on whether to paint the Owl sacrifice statue blue this spring.

One of the other ways they make us feel helpless is put out these bullshit movies describing the "Power Of One"...that one person can make a difference. That the "Hero" standing tall amongst lesser men takes the lead and...blah blah blah...

It takes people getting together. Was Martin Luthar King the civil rights movement? There were hundreds there every day directly supporting him.

Another way to prevent yourself doing something is to believe you must go and start this big movement and change the world. Just start by talking to people. The conversation will come up. As the squeeze increases.

Read up on banking and finance and the oil scam. Things that affect people directly.

Also, remember, you're right at the forefront. A movement against all this is coming.

You might also want to join a Church and ask why the Priest is not warning the congregation of the BEast system going in all around and why he is not speaking out on the evil of the current government.
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