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Default Perverts Victorious In Kalamazoo-Wrath of God Soon!

A pack of unrighteous perverts have been victorious in Kalamazoo, Mi. The perverts have passed their bill allowing sexual deviance to be practiced and vomited on the righteous straight population of Kalamazoo.
With this so called "no-discrimination" bill, the righteous folks of Kalamazoo will now be subjected to cross dressing men using the ladies room. A great victory for Satan and the Forces of Darkness, and a temporary setback for the King of Kings and the lord of Lords, Jesus Christ!
I am sure Satan is laughing at this perverse piece of excrement called a bill. The Satanists are rejoicing as well, as they know that destroying the righteous moral fiber of our country is a great victory for their master, Satan, and a setback for their enemy Jesus Christ.
I call on righteous, clear thinking hetrosexuals to unite and push the Satanic sexual pervert, freak and deviant forces back. We need to call on Jesus to spare us from God's righteous wrath so that we will not be destroyed as we so richly deserve. Make no mistake, the Lord will punish these freaks, weirdos, perverts and sexual deviants. God is Lord, and the perverts will be smited for their sin!

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