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Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
There is no way those buildings could have collapsed straight down at near free fall speed due to damage caused by the fires we've seen on the 9/11 footage. There's just no way. For an engineer, you should know better.

It is clear to anyone with a yota of understanding of post-modern geopolitics that "democrats" and "republicans" are both instruments of the same capitalist oligarchy to fool the masses into believing they have political freedom and choice. Obama and Bush are puppets of the same people and follow the same agenda on all issues that truely matter (like Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Mexican border, ...). You don't become US president without blind obedience to the oligarchy (Lincoln and Kennedy brothers found out the hard way what happens if you change heart). What reason could Obama possibly have to reveal the conspiracy he's a part of?
I have looked at the evidence of a fire initiated collapse, and I am convinced that it the most likely candidate for the mechanism. Of course I am not a materials engineer, so if you have some evidence to the contrary I would love to hear it.

As for your assertion that there is an oligarchical conspiracy, you really are positing an untestable hypothesis, so I wont comment on it either way, except to say that it is unlikely.
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