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Default Re: Orchestrated Flu Pandemics

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
Why do you refuse to look outside of the box? Are you afraid of what you'll see?

Hardly. In fact i am a big fan of eristics, and do look at specific subjects from a variety of views. I was merely stating those whom I find most convincing, as I suspect you were.

Again, you fail to look beyond the capitalist-vs-communist paradigm.
Simply pointing out where a radical diversion from our current system has failed dramatically.

Actually, the only reason why governments have debt is because rather than issuing their own money (there is no reason a government can be its own interest-free bank) governments loan it (at interest) from private corporations who themselves create money out of nothing (via fractional reserve banking). If you keep the amount of money in your country stable (to avoid inflation), there is no reason whatsoever for any country to actually loan money rather than issue it themselves.

Would you say it's fair when a CEO earn 2 million dollars a month for making high level decisions (that are often superfluous, stupid or simply ignorant) and major shareholders get their millions for just providing a small part of their capital while those doing the actual hard work (whether intellectual or physical) are only paid a tiny fraction of the profits?
You certainly have a dim view of CEO s with your wide generalization there. All talent, including that of CEO s, has a market clearing price. Neither you nor I has the particular skill set necessary to run a large corporation. True, some do make bad decisions, and the remedy is for the board to fire them. Those people at the bottom, doing the hard work as you say, have skill sets that are far more common, which is why they command a far lesser salary.

I'm very much aware of corporate budgets, thank you. I work in Business Intelligence, remember?!
Oooooooh. Im sooooo Impressed

Well.... Hitler Germany was one of the most innovative societies in 20th century history. It was a mixture of dictatorship and meritocracy and was very critical of capitalist society, yet it achieved so much in 6 years it's hard to fanthom partly by means of government sponsored projects. The made one of the most popular cars ever, they built the best roads in Europe, they built the first modern assault rifle (StG44), etc.

Inca civilisation was a largely collectivist society ruled by an arristocracy. It managed to develop succesful agricultural products in a climate with very little fertility.
And lived with a far lower standard of living then its counterparts in the European world. Oh yeah, and it was conquered by a small handful of Spaniards

These are but two examples of civilisations that were not capitalist or "democratic" yet very succesful from an economic point of view.
So basically you are saying we should become a dictatorship and all will be fine?
Pretty laughable.
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate.
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