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Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
It is clear to anyone with a yota of understanding of post-modern geopolitics that "democrats" and "republicans" are both instruments of the same capitalist oligarchy to fool the masses into believing they have political freedom and choice. Obama and Bush are puppets of the same people and follow the same agenda on all issues that truely matter (like Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Mexican border, ...). You don't become US president without blind obedience to the oligarchy (Lincoln and Kennedy brothers found out the hard way what happens if you change heart). What reason could Obama possibly have to reveal the conspiracy he's a part of?
I would change the first paragraph to reflect that NOT every "democrat and/or "republican" are instruments of the same capitalist oligarchy to fool the mases into believing that they have political freedom and choice, because I am one and/or the other and I do not have the power to fool the masses.

But, rather, you are referring to those persons, democrat and/or republican who are elected to the Presidency of the United State's of America and MANY of the members of Congress, but not all of the members of Congress.

The President of the United State's whether Democrat and/or Republican are puppets of the same people who comprise the Shadow government.

The Shadow government consists of those persons who are not elected officials, but who control the world through the ownership of BANKS, corporations, etc. (i.e., the Rothschild family).

They do this from behind the curtains without being in the public eye.

This is deliberate, of course, in order to avoid being exposed and the reason that they are referred to as the PUPPET MASTERS.

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