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Originally Posted by Arjuna View Post
Let's suppose that Robert takes up the study of conspiracies and becomes so worried about the NWO's activities in the world that he loses his appetite, stops going to work, stops paying his bills, starts to spend more and more time sleeping, and withdraws from his family and friends. A month later he dies from starvation. Did he have a pathological condition? Was it in his best interest to die? Most people would agree that the answer to the first question is yes, and no to the second question. However, if Robert has decided that he does not want to live in a world where the NWO perpetrates so many evil deeds, then it is in his best interest to withdraw from the world and end his life.

Let's suppose that, before starving himself, Robert kills his wife and six children with a handgun, because he cannot bear the thought of them living in such an evil world. Is killing his family pathological? Was he acting in their best interests? Perhaps it was a brilliant decision on his part to end the lives of his family and himself. Who are we to impose our beliefs on him?

Or perhaps Robert creates a virus in his laboratory, releases it through the local water supply, and kills every single human being on earth. Is that pathological? Let's face it, the NWO is totally evil, and they are enslaving everybody worldwide. Perhaps ending the madness by killing everybody was a brilliant decision. Who are we to question his sanity?

I agree that the NWO would love to diagnose all of us at this forum as paranoids, and enforce the cure of a lobotomy on each of us.

But what if a truly sane and holy person, perhaps Jesus, were given the task of defining the words "paranoia" and "pathological". What would those definitions be?

By extension, if we really wanted to create the Kingdom of God on earth, how would we go about achieving that goal? Satan certainly has a plan. What is ours?

Draken, you have offered us The Soviet Art of Brainwashing, a diabolical plot by the enemy. Well, if you don't like that system of mental health, then please tell me a little bit about the system of mental health that you prefer.

What a brilliant decision by Robert to kill his wife and six children and/or create a virus in a laboratory that wipes out civilization before he starves himself to death because he believes the NWO to be evil.

Can't get more brilliant than that, Arjuna!

Who am I to imose my belief on Robert that these actions are wrong?

I mean, seriously, killing your wife and six children because you believe the NWO to be evil is certainly justification for mass murder and/or the wiping out of civilization.

Robert's actions are pathological either way.

Whether he believes the NWO to be evil or not.

There are many people who believe the NWO to be evil and they don't resort to mass murder.

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