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Default Re: The NWO is "not real"

>>The agenda is largely known and many people actively and consciously involved are known.

The theories are known, but nothing has been proved. Big difference.

>>First of all, Icke is hardly the most reliable source on this topic so I see no point in referencing him.

They all use the same ambiguous info.

>>Second, the oligarchy (I don't like the label "Illuminati" since I doubt these people actually use that name for themselves) only has full control of North-America and Western-Europe. Most other parts of the world are still partly or entirely independent. Therefore, the oligarchy continuously seeks methods to increase their influence and make its coordination more efficient.

Some theorists say ALL leaders of ALL countries are puppets of the NWO.

And why would they want to have power over small poor countries like Borat's home town? To control the horse piss wine production? If you run the west you have the best parts. Some big agenda then, to get control of Shitistan and Crapistan.
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