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Default Re: The NWO is "not real"

Originally Posted by albie View Post
The only conspiracies that bear out to fact are the P2 thing and things like Gladio.
What about 9/11? Even the official claims are a conspiracy theory (muslem extremists in some cave conspiring to strike at the evil Western imperialist).

What about the Holocaust? Whether the claims of "6 million murdered Jews" is nothing but anti-fascist/pro-zionist propaganda or whether Hitler really did attempt to mass murder all European Jews, both claims are conspiracy theories.

Or what about the murder of Julius Caesar? What about the gunpowder treason? What about the French, American and Russian revolution? Aren't those all conspiracies by definition?!?

Originally Posted by albie View Post
The Masons, mind, denounced the P2 lodge because of their plans.
Masons aren't idiots. Of course they denounced P2.

Originally Posted by albie View Post
None of these so called conspiracies had earth shattering consequences.
9/11 had. The Holocaust had. All the examples hereabove had. To imply that conspiracies never have shattering consequences is not only ignorant of documented history (whether official or apocryphical), it is simply ridiculous.
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