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Originally Posted by igwt View Post
Originally Posted by LaDominio View Post
Alex Jones is a distraction created to keep the 'movement' flowing into a harmless direction.
Are you inferring he's a disinformation agent?
In recent years it's become more and more obvious that AJ is indeed a shill.

Originally Posted by Draken View Post
From what I've seen of Alex Jones he is trying to communicate the knowledge and meaning of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill Of Rights to as many Americans as possible. Since the gangster government in the U.S. have been shredding these rights, any knowledge by the masses of these documents and what they contain is not considered "harmless" by the gangster government, since they've murdered many dissenters for the same views Alex Jones proliferates. So the gangster government don't seem to consider such thinking "harmless".
Real dissidents who managed to reach a significant part of the public are usually bribed, ridiculed, financially ruined, socially ruined, terrorised and/or murdered. However, common folks like you and I are just directed to Cointelpro assets like the John Birch Society, Alex Jones or Eric Hufschmid. It's easier that way than killing us all.

So what is the purpose? First of all, the want to monitor dissident activity. Second, they want to mix disinformation with the facts to make your views easily "debunkable" as you repeat your sources and you withhold you from the really juicy information.

Originally Posted by Draken View Post
If Alex Jones is harmless, what "direction" would NOT be harmless in your opinion, LaDominio?
I'm thinking of Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique or David Duke's Jewish supremacism. I'm thinking of Henry Ford's The International Jew or Dietrich Eckart's Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin. The direction they shun at all costs is the direction where the J-word is openly spoken (unlike AJ) and accurate information is offered (unlike Hufschmid or the website). What they fear most of all, is for another Hitler to arise and lead the people to freedom.
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