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Default Re: Are the Laws of Physics Wrong?

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
You seriously dont know how the peaks in the middle were formed? lol They are prime evidence that this is an impact crater. Its called a central uplift.
As for the collapsed terraces you often to see the ejecta form just such a pattern, especially on Earths moon and other terrestrial bodies in the solar system.
At least try to learn some of the science before spouting off such nonsense.
I was using what's known as rhetoric. FOOL!! Check the dictionary under 'r'.

If you're a devout believer in NASA inspired quack science then bully for you.

Wasn't it NASA who 'finally proved' that the Moon's craters were meteoritic as a result of the Apollo landings? And don't 30% of the US public disbelieve that man ever set foot on the Moon?

Don't be so smug EireEngineer.
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