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Folks, I'll have to go into the archives of our local newspaper and get the editorial section. A local resident had responded to a topic in regards to the government, money, secret organizations,etc...and mentioned the meaning of GOD on the currency.

NO! It is NOT the God that you go to church to worship!!!!

Please Ahmad!! Something tells me you know this!!

GOD is the faith, trust, even obedience to MONEY!!! that the people acknowledge. The PEOPLE who put the GOD on money in the first place. And the people who continue to serve it!! There are so many 'secret' little reasons for different things out there, that I wish THEY would stop bullshitting the peoples.
They play this little game of "two, two, two mints in one!" ,-- "two sides to the coin",-- "double-edged sword", --"both sides of the mouth" ----so that the common people are looked upon as such idiots!!

Like I've said before, I have my attention on community affairs, and the treatment of your average working class people, and I gotta tell you, I don't care if you make $5,000 a year or
$50,000 a year----you are shit in their eyes.
If you make a million or so, then maybe you'll be invited 'IN'.
With this new pope, something tells me we are now going to 'see things' from 'THEM' on quicker time frame. They've dilly-dallyed some, but not for long.
Keep alert. Be aware.
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