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Default Re: Actual Battle Plan To Defeat the NWO

boycott hollywood and its actors, get viral campaigns on all the social networks, bashing every single one of those losers, start showing epople how they live the rich lives BECAUSE OF OUR MONEY, AND HOW THEY DONT DO A F$%N THING, AND THEY STAY SILENT, and work hand in hand with these illuminati pieces of sh#$%

boycott major mainstream media, start viral social network campaigns bashing every one of them, and showing how it is all puppetry and lies.

boycott newspapers, get people to stop wasting their money on these worthless paper filled with disinfo and lies

boycott lots of uselsss garbage products and show people how they are toxic and serve almost no real value

all these overpriced garbage colognes, shampoos, soaps, toys, JUST ALL THSI WORTHLESS GARBAGE THEY SPEW INTO SOCIETY

viral campaigns on all social networks, i would concentrate hardest on twitter, that will get you national attention
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