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The Church ? :-o :-o :-o

I was raised a catholic, however, I have not stepped into a church for years. All I saw, besides other things, was hypocrisy, an a superficial front, for an organization, that according to the way I was taught, would infuriate Christ again, just as he did during his life. I don’t understand how can so much poverty go unnoticed, when the Vatican has so much gold & so much wealth. Another thing is to sit side by side w/ gov officials that declare war on civilizations that have not done anything evil to us, except may be live on top of massive oil reserves. I do believe however, that God does not intervene in the affairs of men, even if we get to the point of near destruction, it does not mean that God does not exist. Part of the plan is for each individual soul to grow into spirit. These are lessons for us to grow upon.

As Christ was a rebel then, he would be one now. He didn’t take their side. And he would be killed again by the same people. People that incarnate the character of Christ are still being killed today.

I don’t buy their bullshit for 1 second…

You know good when someone does good. You know evil when someone does evil. And I haven’t seen any good being done by anyone for a long time… except by those who have sacrificed their own lives, as for example, Rachel Corrie, Marla Ruzicka, & many others who have been literally “crucified”... These are the true “Angels” among us...

The Real American

This obviously does not include those who kill others. Christ would have never killed anyone… not even his enemies. However, I am not passing judgement on anyone. Besides the fact that I am no saint, & am a sinner just like everybody else. That’s not my job (to judge), & if you need forgiveness, you need to get it directly from God. No man is an intermediary... & like Henry Makow said it, “Most of us are closer to insects than to God,”

Re: Best Lines....So Far.. – Post #76

Interesting Reference:

Christian Symbols – And Their Meanings – On-Line Book - Index
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