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Default Re: Iran plans to knock out U.S. with electro-magnetic pulse weapon

rushdoony wrote:
WorldNutDaily was bought out
by ( they made a heavy investment in it )
the Zionist Jew News Lobby
long ago. You can see that this
is just propaganda to incite
the masses and is part of an
intelligence operation to help lay
the groundwork for a preempitve
attack by the USA against Iran.
If ( when? ) a blast happens it will be self-inflicted
by the same folks who gave us the WTC "attack".
It's a cunning move because they can kill
two birds with one stone. Knock out internet one
( thanks for that idea Truebeliever )
and blame/attack Iran.
And Israeli Zionists could care less if more USA mothers have to send their loving daughters and sons over to Iran and die for the cause
of Israeli land expansion and security.

Respectfully 55132,



Your probably right, still the info in its technical aspects are correct and the posibilities of this occuring to the usa or any techology dependant country is very high.

this might be the likliest scenario to stop a rogue faction of the nwo by the nwo, wheather they use iran,china,korea this can happen.

its an atomic war with a differnt kind of fallout much more deadlier but not as dirty.

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