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Default Re: Hollow Earth theory

>>>>David falls for the beautiful slave girl Princess Dia (Munro), but when she is chosen as a sacrificial victim in the Mahar city

This takes on new relevance when you think about it. Sacrifice? Princess Dia(Di)?

David? David icke? ))))
And Diana died in a SUBTERRANEAN type place. And she was a slave, of the Royals and little old ladies who bought her image in magazines.

McClure's character is called David Innes. Even more like David Icke.

I wonder if films act like massive magic spells that end up coming true.

Your imitation of the outer fringe is improving. Your time at "Club Conspiracy" seems to be at least worthwhile in that area.
I started out a conspiracy nut. Always was into weird stuff. When I saw the twin towers go down I knew it was dodgy. But then I found the debunkers and they have good arguments. The truth won't be discovered by nuts or debunkers. If there is a truth. I'm aware that reality is not firm and that something is going on. But the trash most nuts dispense is damaging not liberating. It's not the stuff they give out so much as the belief they have in it WITHOUT QUESTION.

Be unsure and you will win minds, I say. People are completely turned off by zeal.
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