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Default Re: Reptile face in the 5 pound note!!!!!

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
I said "sceptics", with an emphasis on the quotation marks. So-called "sceptics" are people who're really anything but sceptic but who just defend the mainstream account on pretty much everything using mostly authority arguments (but also other strawman arguments) to make their point.
Actually, the Appeal to Authority and Strawman logical fallacies are two completely different things. I will agree that many in the skeptical community do behave in just the manner you describe, but remember that many in the Alternative Medicine/Flat Earth/Conspiracy crowd behave in just the same manner, refusing to believe anything that modern science has determined. What is more, there is a very real body count caused by this attitude. Trying to treat cancer with homeopathy, autism with chelation, and denying vaccines to children because of bad science have a real effect. This is why many in the skeptical movement feel so passionately about it and act the way they do.

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
Most organised religion is utter BS, however I wouldn't just jumble all religions and religious views together. Especially certain Asian meta-physical philosophies (like Tao or Vedanta) can be a very useful addition to hard science in areas where science does not offer an explanation.
So basically, this one is the God of the Gaps. Just because science has not explained something yet does not mean that the only possible alternative is the supernatural. I will agree though that the Eastern philosophies tend to be far less harmful than, say, Catholicism. I personally am a deist, so I agree that organized religion is bunk.
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