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Default Re: turning to the danger zone

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
What kind of business do you own? Do you have many employees? Do you sell straight to end customers or rather B2B?

So now you moved on to making remarks about some minor spelling errors by a guy who speaks English as a third language? How pathetic !

Just for the record : I live in the Benelux and speak Dutch as a primary language. My second language is French (though admittedly less fluent than my English due to less practice) and my fourth language is German (my German writing is only very basic, though).

How many languages do you speak and how proficient are you in your second or third language?!?
Well, I apologize then. Sorry, but I was a little cranky yesterday. Actually, as my screen name would indicate, I am Irish, and grew up in a Gaeltacht in Connemara, and I suppose that if we were typing in Latin or German I would be just as bad.
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