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Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
I'm making assertions?? You're the one who comes up with a silly theory that by no means explains what happened to the inner core and outer shell, yet I'm the one making assertions?!?

Controlled demolition is the ONLY explanation for why the inner core and outer shell collapsed. It is the ONLY explanation for the building collapsing at near free fall speed. There are only a myriad of theories when you ignore the actual architecture of the WTC towers (I'd expect more from someone who claims to have experience as an engineer).

If you believe I'm wrong, then please address my objections from the previous post (which you conveniently ignored by falsely accusing me of making "assertions"). That just might get interesting
No, actually I didnt ignore the actual design when i did my thumbnail calc on how much explosive it would have taken. Now, naturally, I cant speak to the use of nano-thermite since it is not an explosive commonly used in demo applications...yet lol. I have looked at the fire-collapse scenario and to me it seems not only plausable, but in fact probable. Just because you dont understand it does not mean it is just as much a viable option. You assert the controlled demolition as being the ONLY viable option, which is is not, and I have conceded that it certainly is possible, however improbable I might think that it is. Calm down, have a smoke, and stop getting so wound up lol.
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