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Default Re: Reptile face in the 5 pound note!!!!!

Debunkers can be very condescending people, as can believers if you show any doubts whatsoever. But in my experience debunkers are correct 99% of the time when evaluting the evidence. And I rarely find a believer who has checked his evidence beyond reading it off David

But this is beside the point. I really doubt a liar would become a debunker. It's just not exciting enough. Much more exciting to say "I was attacked by a reptile!" That's their nature. So where are they? Where did those liars go? Still waiting for a reasonable answer. I think we all know where they went. Nowhere. They are right here on this and other forums lying their fat asses off. That's 100% logic and we all know it.

That isn't to say that some of the people who saw reptiles aren't telling the truth. But how can you judge the evidence amongst all the bs?
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