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Default Re: Reptile face in the 5 pound note!!!!!

Originally Posted by albie View Post
>>I've never said it was a struggle for a reptilian to change in to their true form.

Other people have. Everyone seems to have a different story about them. They live in swamps, they are people who transform into reptiles, they are reptiles that change into humans. They need rituals to change, they can change around someone being happy. They are aliens, they are from another dimension, they live underground, they are mutants, they are old inhabitants of this planet, they are dinosaurs. They need to drink blood to stay human, they need to drink blood to change into a reptile etc etc etc etc etc etc.

It's bullshit. You saw V when you were a kid, you heard about Icke, you made stuff up and pretend it all happened before you heard about Icke.

Admit it.
Its true, all the theorys about reptilians on the internet are inconsistant with each other but my theory alone is consistant and very plausible. Its more foolish to totally dis-regard the idea of reptilians living amongst us here on earth then it is to consider it. I think theres so much conflicting information on reptilians for a couple of reasons. One reason would be that some people become aware of them and fall victim to there abuse but don't know much about them so they start trying to tell people over the internet about them. They get carried away and start pretending like they know everything about them, they go on to tell people where they come from, there biological features etc. When in fact they know very little. Another reason being that reptilians themselves run alot of what goes on in the world. Media, internet censor-ship, organizations, buisness' etc. Always remember reptilians are extremely intelligent. They know how to manipulate people very easily, condition people to think a certain way. Deception is probably there strongest trait. What they do is throw out a bunch of information on to the internet that conflicts with each other to make the theory seem inconsistant and false. This is generally how anybody or anything dis-credits heavy information that has been released over the internet. Look at all the conflicting evidence with AIDS.

Theres so much dis-info out on the internet about reptilians that its nearly impossible to do any research on them unless you already have a basis to go on. By this I mean you've learned first hand what there capabilitys are and therefore you can better interpret what is true and what isn't. Not only do articles have conflicting information with other articles on the topic but you also have to realize alot of articles mix truth with lies to further confuse the situation. It can be hard to differentiate truth from lies regarding reptilians but there is alot of true information on the internet about them, finding out which information that is, is your job. Don't expect the people in control to do that for you.

Smoke and mirros my friend, smoke and mirrors.
Hate to admit it but my reptilian theory was a sham. Like honestly its one thing to believe in aliens but to believe in shape-shifting negative beings is just totally far fetched. I got a kick outta the replies though.

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