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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

Originally Posted by revolution60 View Post
eric hufschmid is disinfo? can you explain? i thought he was a little far out, but out of all the websites out there, it seems he is not in it for money, nor does he sponsor anything, or even reference much of truth websites out there. he calls out lots of disinfo websites and personalities
The problem with Hufschmid is :
  • his website looks pathetic (and very similar to that other disinfo site
  • his videos are pathetic
  • he started out as one of many 9/11 truthseekers. Then, in a short time, there developed a network around him (with folks like Mike Delaney) and all started whining about "zionists" in the most uninformed and obnoxious way.
  • he falsely accuses many genuine truthseekers out there, creating confusion and paranoida
  • most of his information is poorly referenced and poorly argumented
  • he mentions 9/11, the Holocaust and the moon landing conspiracy on one side. Either topic is hard to swallow for most people, which makes mentioning all three on one site not a good idea.
  • He's tied with Christopher Bollyn, another known disinformant (who has an Israeli wife)
Besides that, I'd also like to mention that his sister is said to have married into the family of Rupert Murdoch. I once asked Hufschmid in an email about it and he refused to answer.

Anyway, Hufschmid seems like he's planted to make "conspiracy theorists" and especially anti-zionist "conspiracy theorists" look like paranoid antisemitic fools, to sow confusion and paranoia among anti-zionist "conspiracy theorists" and to avoid anti-zionist "conspiracy theorists" reading far more reliable sources like Israel Shahak, David Duke, Kevin MacDonald, Edgar J Steele, Norman Finkelstein, Israel Shamir, ...

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