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Default Re: Reptile face in the 5 pound note!!!!!

Originally Posted by albie
I really doubt a liar would become a debunker. It's just not exciting enough.

If they have an agenda, they might feel inclined to.
What possible agenda could a fat/skinny spotty loser fantasist have that make him a debunker of all the things he believes in?

I just think you are lying to yourself about this. You don't have a cogent argument.

Originally Posted by albie
But in my experience debunkers are correct 99% of the time when evaluting the evidence.

It depends on the topic. On some topics, they're actually incorrect 99% of the time.
Which topics? Lumps of aluminium that may or may not be 20,000 years old?

Originally Posted by albie
And I rarely find a believer who has checked his evidence beyond reading it off David

I rarely find a debunker who has checked his evidence beyond reading it off websites like or
And therefore it is surely your and their aim to debunk what it on those sites. You rarely see that happen. What you get on 99% of forums and blogs is the same basic arguments that are years old and defunct. None of the arguments of both sides. But on debunking sites you will at least have the theorists' ideas and the debunking. Which is more instructive? Obviously the latter.

Now if people took those debates to the end and we could see where we stood with each theory then we could see how far we have come. But these things only happen on forums like these and they get lost in the space of the web. The same arguments strat up again and again, just like I've seen on here. Pointless.

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