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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

Originally Posted by albie
I gave an example of this correlation between the Tao and quantum physics and it wasn't very good. This was chosen by someone who DID read the book.

So? Just because someone did read a book, that does't mean he gives accurate information about it. You should know better.

Originally Posted by albie
It would logical for you to entice me into reading the book if you gave me more startling quotes from the book.

I'll have to take a look. The book was recommended to me and I own a copy, but I thusfar haven't read it.

You haven't even read the book and you hold it up as fact? Sweet lord. And you think you have a better opinion of it than someone who has read it?

I think this alters my opinion of you for good now. I won't trust a word you say. Nor should anyone.

Christ, you should be apologising.
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